Community Standards

All Switchboard members agree to adhere to the following community standards.

We are generous and helpful.

The UWS Switchboard exists to meet the needs of the community and serve its members through exchanges around asks and offers. Our goal is to create a helpful, productive and optimistic space for meaningful interactions between our community members.

We are here with a purpose.

We’re here because we have a job to do. We want to band together to do something great as a community. We seek action, collaboration and success.

  • Posts are actionable.They make a clear call to action that is either an ask or an offer. For more information, see: What does a clear ask or offer look like?

  • Posts are genuine. (No spam. No ads.)

  • Comments and messages are constructive. They contribute to the purpose of the original ask or offer.

Content that is not actionable, genuine or constructive may be removed.

We are mindful of other’s privacy.

Community members are mindful of the privacy of students and patients. Content that violates FERPA or HIPAA regulations will be removed.

We are respectful and kind.

UWS Switchboard is about having positive human interactions on the internet. We distinguish ourselves from other online gathering places by emphasizing humanity, generosity and optimism.

  • Posts, comments and messages are civil and kind.

  • Behavior on and off UWS Switchboard is positive and respectful.

We do not tolerate trolling, attacks, insults, abuse or bullying of any kind. This content will be removed from the UWS Switchboard.

If you have experienced any of the above, please contact immediately.