“The table was picked up the next day.”

Daniel Marshall '91 shared this story on April 19, 2021

Free Bench Table - Beaverton, OR

“We found a doctor to take over for myself.  ”

Nate Spangler '11 shared this story on January 6, 2021

Hiring: Sports Chiropractor - Boise, Idaho

“I heard back from alums, staff, and even directors of the program.  Thank you!”

Stephanie Thompson '18 shared this story on September 11, 2020

Help with CNS application

“Table is sold.”

“Four different clinics contacted me with work all in the same day! I have settled at a place of work for the time being. Thank you for the great responses. ”

Alexandra Pederson '17 shared this story on May 9, 2020

LMT Work - Employee/IC

“I had a portable chiropractic table for sale. Within a day I had a few interested people and I dropped it off at its new home a few days later. Thanks UWS!”

“Sold it”

Bradley Donahoe '97 shared this story on April 2, 2020

Portable table

“Position Filled”

Kimberly Klein '13 shared this story on February 1, 2020

Clinic Director - N. Williams Neighborhood

“Hired a great candidate- UWS grad for this position”

Kimberly Klein '13 shared this story on February 1, 2020

Part Time Washington Licensed Chiropractor

“I started practice out of school in 2001 with 0 experience.  I chose Salem, Oregon, because it is a wonderful place to raise a family and close to everywhere:  beach, mountains, streams and lakes, skiing, sand dunes, etc!  The experience and knowledge I gained from serving people who travel from Washington and California for our services under the tutelage of Dr. John Ewanyk (DC since 1984) and Dr. John Palmer (DC since 1984) have been immense!  I appreciate their molding me into the seasoned doctor I am today and taking me on as a partner in 2009 as we sprint into the future, seeking associate and future partner as we continue to expand!  A multi-doctor practice is truly advantageous as we profit together with flexibility of vacation, something chiropractors never have time for as single practitioners.”

Brent Smith '01 shared this story on January 14, 2020

Seeking Associate Chiropractor - Salem, OR

“Hi! This is a "gratitude story," ha! I just signed up for this wonderful site and received two applicants in less than a week. I'm very grateful that this platform exists and will visit to help others or ask for help in the future! This position has been filled. ❤️ ”

“Thanks to Switchboard our office was able to connect with and hire two new wonderful student workers! We are very pleased and happy to have made those connections which will benefit the whole UWS community.”

“The UWS Switchboard allowed us to find a reliable, hard working Chiropractic student to maintain the yard at our clinic and make a little cash on the side. This was a win-win for all. Thank you UWS.”

Suzanne D Lady DC shared this story on May 8, 2019

Clinic Yard Maintenance Needed

“Thanks UWS Switchboard for connecting us to many great candidates. The position has now been filled thanks to this website. :-) ”

“Thanks to the Switchboard for a one day resolution of my offer.  I'd published the offer in the WSU newsletter classifieds, but received no response.  The Switchboard is obviously the connection to chiro students.  Thanks again, Michael Sears, DC, IAYT”

Michael Sears '82 shared this story on October 23, 2018

Free portable adjusting table

“I am currently working here now thanks to switchboard! Excited to continue growing in experience and helping the community out! Vamos adelante!”